I was always a curious kid. I liked to lie, or “pretend” as I called it. I wanted to be a policeman when I grew up. Or play soccer for Australia. I didn’t do either of those.
Instead, I bummed around University “pretending” to be an Opera singer. I enjoyed my social life too much. I left University and bummed around Europe for a few years instead. My social life was much more appreciative of that atmosphere.
I returned to Australia having been exposed to all the great theatre Europe has to offer and promptly decided to…bum around some more. I became a carpenter. Then a project manager. Then a husband. Then a father! WTF?
I came late to professional acting. I think my career has been a reflection of my life. I tend to stumble into the things that I enjoy and then wonder what took me so long to get here. 
Now that I’m here I can’t imagine doing anything else. Ever.